Wednesday, November 20, 2013

"Congrats. You're normal"

I'm not sure if these words, said by my therapist, are comforting or not. I'd prefer, "Not crazy," but not necessarily...well, normal.

You might think going to a therapist in itself is not normal, but concidering I dabble in stand-up comedy, I think it's a requirement at the genetic level.

I used to live for this blog--the more visitors, the more my esteem would rise. Concidering I've had site traffic over the last two years, with no blogs, I should have my self-worth higher than that of a Kardashian. (Seriously, who thinks that high of themselves or gets that much attention for not doing ANYTHING?!?)

I'd like to think I've changed. For those of you who are closest to me, you know what I'm referring to. I like to think of me as the Old Me, but with better self-control breaks.

Unless there are animals involved. I cannot say no to animals. Do you seriously know how many cats I have? ELEVEN. If my husband dies I will be the quintesential Crazy Cat Lady.